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We introduce you the CatchUp.
An app to stay in touch with people you like.

Catch Up someone!

Hang out with friends
Have fun with your family
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We bring people closer

CatchUp is a web application that allows you to share your real life activities with friends and other CatchUp users. It provides a brand new way of social interaction and will do more soon.

CatchUp now is in closed beta.
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  • Group pals and friends

    Make your activities visible to anyone or create a private circles for a certain people.

  • No install required

    CatchUp works directly from the web. Just pin it to desktop and get the full experience instantly.

  • Privacy first

    Only approved users can track your activity and exact location on map.

  • Even more soon...

    CatchUp now is in active development phase.
    We will grow up soon, evolving new functions and involving our audience step by step.

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